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Microorganisms - Hosts Interactions

The national thematic consortium so-called «Microorganisms - Hosts Interactions» is based in Montpellier, France. It concerns mechanisms of biotic interactions between microorganisms (bacteria, virus, fungi) or macroorganisms (parasites) and their hosts (plants, invertebrates, mammals). This network gathers about 150 scientists representing more than 20 research groups.
The main goals of the « Microorganisms - Hosts Interactions » network are to :
•    Strengthen the visibility of this thematic by giving a better local, national and international readability as well as sharing technical tools (imaging platform, bioinformatics tools).
•    Create a scientific animation around this thematic. The various biological models used and the complementary approaches should inject some dynamism into the current research groups by the emergence of new ideas and the establishment of new collaborations.
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