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We supervise around 30 students and teach approximately 1000 class periods each year.

Graduate schools

  • Graduate school SIBAGHE, University of Montpellier, co-accredited with Montpellier SupAgro for Agricultural and environmental sciences
  • Graduate school ED-SEV (Life, health and environmental sciences, University Cheickh Anta Diop (UCAD), Dakar

French universities

Montpellier SupAgro

  • 3 assistant lecturers

S. Kreiter, J.F. Martin and M.S. Tixier belong to department "Biologiy and ecology" managed by M.S. Tixier.

Teachings include the following disciplines: population biology, population genetics, biocomputing and systematics. They fit into the scope of plant protection.

These courses are delivered in the agricultural engineer program, within the Master's degree "Agronomy and food-processing", in business licenses and the "Agricultural engineer of the South" program.

Agricultural engineer program, 1st year
common-core, level L3, semesters 5 and 6

Teaching (UE)


UE 3 « Adaptation, plant breeding, biodiversity, ecology, evolution, genetics, structuring and operating living organisms »

J.F. Martin, M.S. Tixier

UE 4 « Interactions plant environment and bases for agroecology »

Managers: M.S. Tixier, L. Guilioni
Lecturers: S. Kreiter, J.F. Martin

UE 5 « Farm, equipment and cropping systems »

S. Kreiter, J.F. Martin, M.S. Tixier

UE D « Experimental process and modelling »

J.F. Martin, M.S. Tixier

UE PEI « Engineer students projects »

S. Kreiter, J.F. Martin, M.S. Tixier

Agricultural engineer program, 2nd year
level M1, semesters 7 and 8

1st semester (semester 7)

Mainstream « Sustainable farming »

S. Kreiter, J.F. Martin, M.S. Tixier

Mainstream « Natural resources »

J.F. Martin

2nd semester accessible by academic mobility (Erasmus) (semester 8)

Pathway « Plant Sciences »**

S. Kreiter, J.F. Martin, M.S. Tixier

Pathway « Agroecology »

S. Kreiter, M.S. Tixier

** In this context, the "NecTar" MOOC, concerning nematodes and arthropods of agricultural interest, is under construction. It will be led by M.S. Tixier and 16 other CBGP researchers.

Agricultural engineer program, 3rd year
level M2, semesters 9 and 10

Option « Plant protection and environment »
Pathway « Plant health »

Manager and coordinator: S. Kreiter
Lecturers: J.F. Martin, M.S. Tixier

Option « Sustainable plant production »
Pathway « Agrodesign »

Lecturers: S. Kreiter, M.S. Tixier

Option « Vine growing and oenology »
Pathway « Vine et wines » and Erasmus mundus « Vinifera »

Managers: S. Kreiter, M.S. Tixier
Lecturers: S. Kreiter, M.S. Tixier

2 alternate business licences

Integrated plant production and environmental stake

Manager: S. Kreiter
Lecturer: M.S. Tixier

Integrated wine productions and environmental stake

Manager: M.S. Tixier
Lecturers: S. Kreiter

On the international stage, S. Kreiter coordinates the project of the European Master's degree Erasmus Mundus+ "Sustainable plant health management" for France (other involved universities: Valencia (Spain), Padua (Italiy) and Göttingen (Sweden)).

In-house training: two classes are proposed, the one on insects of agricultural interest (coordinator: J.C. Streito), the other one on mites of agricultural interest (coordinators: S. Kreiter, M.S. Tixier).

  • Master's degree "Plant health", training module "Bioagressors" (T. Mateille, B. Michel)
  • Agricultural engineer program "Plant protection and environment", 3rd year  (T. Mateille, B. Michel, D. Bourguet)
  • Master's degree "Tropical and subtropical plant protection", training module "Pests and Ravageurs et tropical integrated protection" (SupAgro-Gembloux, B. Michel)

University of Montpellier

  • Master's degree "Biodiversity Ecology Evolution" (B2E)

Pathway "Parasite-host-environment interaction dynamics", training module "Ecology of transmission": N. Charbonnel, C. Brouat

Class "Population genetics models": R. Leblois and F. Rousset

  • Erasmus Mundus Master Programme in Evolutionary Biology (MEME, universities of Gröningen, Uppsala, Munich and Montpellier)

Class "Genetic data analysis": R. Vitalis and R. Leblois.

Co-organization et contribution to Researcher schools

  • Summer school "Software and statistical methods for population genetics (SSMPG 2013)": R. Vitalis and R. Leblois. R. Vitalis co-organizes the 2015 session.


  • University Cheikh Anta Diop, Dakar

               Master's degree in Animal biology, field "Population genetics"

               Organization of a training module of the Master's degree "Invasion biology" + class: C. Brouat

  • University Gaston Berger, St-Louis, Senegal

               Master's degree "Analysis and multi-agent models in natural and society sciences": J. Le Fur

  • Agrhymet Regional Centre, Niamey
  • University Abdou Moumouni, Niamey
  • University Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Morocco: C. Piou

               Master's degree "Plant biotechnologies and genetic resources": T. Mateille

               Researcher school "Biodiversity, biotechnology and enhancement of natural resources": T. Mateille

  • Hassan II Agricultural and veterinary institute, Agadir, Morocco: C. Piou