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Nicolas RODE
Position: postdoc, CEMEB
Email : nicolas.o.rode(at)
Personal website :
Topic: Development of pesticide resistance in Drosophila suzukii
Dates : February 5th, 2017 – February 4th, 2019
CBGP supervisor: A. Estoup

Drosophila suzukii (DSU) is a pest insect native to Asia that recently invaded Europe and North America. Its management relies mostly on insecticides, for which resistance alleles have been repeatedly documented in other insect pest species. Such large effect resistance alleles have not been documented in DSU yet.

Using a set of worldwide distributed population samples of DSU we will first quantify neutral and selected polymorphism of potential resistance genes at a large geographical scale.

At a regional scale (i.e. Occitania region), we will rely heavily on our non-academic partner (FREDON-LR) to locate and sample natural populations before and after insecticide applications. Using whole-genome sequencing and population genomic approaches, we will estimate the fitness effects of resistance mutations.

Finally, we will combine experimental evolution and whole-genome sequencing to verify the fitness effects of these mutations in the laboratory (Evolve and Resequence study). This project will provide a direct quantification of the levels of resistance in natural populations and will provide valuable information for international and national agencies involved in insecticide regulation.