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Alejandro Manzano Marin - Photo

Alejandro MANZANO
Email: alejandro.manzano.marin(at)
Position: postdoc, Agreenskills
Topic: Role of endosymbiotic bacteria in the colonization of new ecological niches by their host insect.
CBGP supervisor: E. Jousselin
Dates : September 15th, 2016 – Septembre 14th, 2018

Recent studies showed that with aphids of the genus Cinara (Aphididae: Lachninae), the primary symbiont, Buchnera aphidicola, coexists with another compulsory symbiont, which identity differs between the lineages. Using the data collected within the sequencing project "France Génomique-MicroPhAn", we will rebuild the genomes of the compulsory endosymbionts associated to 100 Cinara species (that is to say half of the genus specific diversity) in order to:  

  • describe the metabolic functions operated by the bacterial partners in the genus Cinara;
  • study if the changes in the metabolic capacities of endosymbiontes came with the evolutionary transitions (host plant change, evolution of climatic tolerances) of their hosts (using comparative phylogenetic methods).