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Ivson Roberto LOPES
Position: Non-permanent, TR
Topic: Computerizing the « Phytoseiidae collection » database and collecting/preparing Phytoseidae mites in the framework of the ACAROSOL project
CBGP managers: M.S. Tixier & S. Kreiter
Dates : June 2nd, 2014 – May 31st, 2018

Ivson works with Marie-Stéphane Tixier and Serge Kreiter on Phytoseiidae mites.

He has three tasks:

  1. computerizing the « Phytoseiidae collection » database,
  2. collecting/preparing Phytoseidae mites (mounting between slides) in the frameworh of the ACAROSOL project, which aims at looking for predatory mites on Solanaceae in the Mediterranean region, and the DEPHY project which aims at characterizing the Phytoseidiae communities in citrus/kiwi orchards and vineyards, according to various phytosanitary modalities,
  3. computerizing usefull  illustrations for MOOC SYSCROPARNE.