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Antoine Fraimout

Email: antoine.fraimout(at)
Position: non-permanent, INRA
Topic: Morphometric analyses : wings and ovipositors in Drosophila suzukii
CBGP supervisor: A. Estoup
Dates: February 13th, 2017 – February 12th, 2018

Following his PhD works at CBGP on Drosophila suzukii invasion pathways, Antoine is recruites for 12 mois (IE) in the framework of the Task 2 (led by A. Estoup) of ANR "SWING" Worldwide invasion of the Spotted WING Drosophila: Genetics, plasticity and evolutionary potential (Director: Patricia Gibert, CNRS, Lyon).

Antoine will collect morphometrical measurements of wings (size and melanization in males) and ovipositors in numerous samples from D. suzukii . These data will be usefull to study pheno-genomics in D. suzukii.

Antoine will be mostly located in the Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle in UMR7205 ISyEB, where he will work with an evolutionary morphometrician (Vincent Debat) from the SWING project and will learn these particular technologies.