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Email: allandebelle(at)
Personal site:
Twitter: @LordFruitFly
Position : post-doc, Agreenskills
Topic: Sterile Insect Technique in Drosophila suzukii
CBGP manager : S. Fellous
Dates : October 2nd, 2017 – March 31th, 2019

Allan is hired for a 18-month Agreenskills contract to work on the Sterile Insect Technique in Drosophila suzukii. One of the main limitations of this technique is the rejection by wild females of mass-produced males, sterilized and released in the field. The aim of the project is to determine the key characteristics of male sexual behaviour in this species, to identify the most competitive and attractive individuals, in order to improve the sexual performance of sterile males. To do so, Allan will use his knowledge of fruit fly's behavioural ecology.