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Email: j.collet(at)
Position: postdoc, Agreenskills
Topic: Unravelling the genetic covariance structure of resistance traits expressed in different life stages of a model pest insect to design sustainable biocontrol strategies
CBGP supervisor: S. Fellous
Dates : September 1st, 2016 – August 31st, 2018
Funding: Agreenskills & INRA

I am an evolutionary biologist studying genetic constrains on phenotype evolution. I am particularly interested in how pleiotropy between traits separated by life-stages and traits alternatively expressed in males and females limit the response to the different selection forces experienced during life and between sexes.

I am currently an Agreenskills fellow investigating the genetic covariances of gene expression traits in different life stages in Drosophila with Simon Fellous. With a particular focus on immunity traits, my project aims at preventing the emergence of pest counter-adaptation to biocontrol agents and help design sustainable biocontrol strategies against pest species such as D. suzukii. Previously, I combined quantitative genetic methods with gene expression patterns in D. serrata to understand the effect of sexual selection on mutational pleiotropy at the University of Queensland (Australia) with Prof Mark Blows. During my first post-doctoral position with Dr Max Reuter and Prof Kevin Fowler (University College London, UK), I used quantitative genetics and molecular methods to investigate the rapid evolution of intra-locus sexual conflict in D. melanogaster. Previously, under the supervision of Dr Tommaso Pizzari (University of Oxford, UK), my PhD research focused on the sexual selection acting on the Red junglefowl (Gallus gallus) phenotypes.