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Pape Adoma MBOUP
Email: pamboup(at)
Topic: Computer simulation for the production of indicators of the black rat diffusion in Senegal over several scales of space and time
Thesis supervisor:  J. Le Fur &  K. Konaté
University: UCAD (Dakar) / University Montpellier II
Funding:  Republic of Senegal grant + SCAC grant
Dates :  January1st, 2013 – May 31st, 2016

As part of a thesis started in January 2013 at the Univ. C.A. Diop in Dakar, Pape Adama Mboup is developing a software simulator of the black rat (Rattus rattus) colonisation of Senegal at several time scales (centenale, decadal, monthly).

This work is framed by J. Le Fur and the ANR Chancira project. The current phase of work concerns the spatiotemporal evolution of the population of black rat over the elapsed century. A first simulator was developed based on the representation of the evolution of human transport (caravans, ships, trucks and trains) in the country and its impact on the distribution of the species.

Modeling methods developed uses several formalisms such the multi-agent formalism, graphs, transcription and integration of multidisciplinary event data from the thematic knowledge of Chancira project (geography, biology, entomology, medicine).

The developments made will be integrated into the multipurpose SimMasto platform ( at all scales. An important part of the stay in CBGP will be devoted to technical implementation and realization of the first set of simulations on the CBGP computers cluster.