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Miguel Navascués

I am a permanent researcher (Chargé de Recherche INRA) at the CBGP (Centre de Biologie pour la Gestion des Populations) at Montpellier. I work on the development of statistical approaches for the analysis of population genetic data for the inference of demographic history and detection of loci under selection.

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Recent projects:
  • SelfAdapt (2013-2016) Adaptation to climate change under selfing - experimental test and selection footprints in Medicago truncatula. PI: Laurène Gay & Miguel Navascués. Meta-programme INRA - Adapting Agriculture and Forestry to Climate Change 2012 (ACCAF).

Selected publications (full list):
  • Besnard, Khadari, Navascués et al. (2013) The complex history of the olive tree: from Late Quaternary diversification of Mediterranean lineages to primary domestication in the northern Levant. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 280:1471–2954 More about it.Ask PDF
  • Burgarella & Navascués (2011) Mutation rate estimates for 110 Y-chromosome STRs combining population and father-son pair data. European Journal of Human Genetics 19:70–75 More about it.Ask PDF
  • Navascués & Emerson (2009) Elevated substitution rate estimates from ancient DNA: bias of Bayesian methods under complex demographic scenarios. Molecular Ecology 18:4390–4397 More about it.Ask PDF
  • Navascués et al. (2006) Chloroplast microsatellites reveal colonization and metapopulation dynamics in the Canary Island pine. Molecular Ecology 15:2691–2698 More about it.Ask PDF