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Research ingeneer Co-head of the SEPA platform (Greenhouse, Rearing & Phenotyping of Arthropods)

My main scientific interest lies in studying neutral and adaptative evolution of invasive species, in particular arthropods.

Skills :

  • evolution of reproduction systems
  • evolution of behaviour & cognition
  • life-history traits
  • population genomics

Recent publications :

#22. Cruaud A., M. Gautier, M. Galan, J. Foucaud, L. Sauné, G. Genson, E. Dubois, S. Nidelet, T.
Deuve, J.-Y. Rasplus (2014) Empirical assessment of RAD sequencing for interspecific phylogeny.
#21. Rey, O., B. Facon, J. Foucaud, A. Loiseau & A. Estoup. (2013) Androgenesis is a maternal trait
in the invasive ant Wasmannia auropunctata. Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological
#20. Gautier, M., J. Foucaud, K. Gharbi, T. Cezard, M. Galan, A. Loiseau, P. Pudlo, C. Kerdelhué &
A. Estoup. (2013) Estimation of population allele frequencies from next-generation sequencing
#19. Foucaud, J., A.-S. Philippe, C. Moreno & F. Mery. (2013) A genetic polymorphism affecting
reliance on personal versus public information in a spatial learning task in Drosophila
#18. Rey, O., A. Estoup, B. Facon, A. Loiseau, A. Aebi, O. Duronx, F. Vavre and J. Foucaud. (2013)
Distribution of endosymbiotic reproductive manipulators reflects invasion process and not
reproductive system polymorphism in the little fire ant Wasmannia auropunctata. PLoS One.
#17. Foucaud, J., O. Rey, S. Robert, L. Crespin, J. Orivel, B. Facon, A. Loiseau, H. Jourdan, M.
Kenne, P.S.M. Masse, M. Tindo, M. Vonshak & A. Estoup. (2013) Thermotolerance adaptation
to human-modified habitats occurs in the native range of the invasive ant Wasmannia
#16. Gautier, M., K. Gharbi, T. Cezard, J. Foucaud, C. Kerdelhué, P. Pudlo, J.-M. Cornuet & A.
Estoup. (2013) The effect of RAD allele dropout on the estimation of genetic variation within and
between populations. Molecular Ecology. 22 :3165–3178.