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I am a scientist technician working on molecular biology for different purposes (phylogenetics, population genetics, genomics and barcoding).

I work with Dr. Gael Kergoat and Dr. Emmanuelle Jousselin, both research scientists. In the same lab, I also work with Armelle Coeur d'Acier (Research engineer, aphid taxonomist) and Bruno Michel (Cirad Entomologist).

I mainly work on insect models like beetles (darkling beetles, seed beetles, straight-snouted weevils), moths (stem borer moths), butterflies (swallowtails), aphids and net-winged insects (antlions).

Recently, I have developed next-generation sequencing Illumina protocols to:

(1) sequence 16S rRNA in order to find endosymbionts within aphids (for instance to confirm the presence of Wolbachia or Serratia),

(2) sequence the Buchnera genome (an obligatory mutualistic endosymbiont) using the Nextera XT kit. For that purpose, I am experimenting a filtration protocol in which I aim to obtain only small cells of the bacterial size.

(3) obtain micro-barcodes (500 nucleotides, based on the traditional COI gene) from environmental samples collected in crops or national parks in order to do 'low-cost, rapid and efficient' species identification. NGS results are then BLASTed to an aphid COI database (developed at the CBGP by Armelle Coeur d'Acier) which contains all COI barcode for almost all European aphid species.

During 2015, I leave in long-term mission at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) in the Sperling Felix lab. I develop a protocol for "low-coverage whole genome sequencing" on the Illumina NextSeq using the Nextera kit. Currently I obtained 31 genomes of Papilionidae (swallowtails), one for each genus. Such data would help to build a strongly resolved phylogeny for the group, and address more specific question relative to their adaptations on host plants for instance.