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Charbonnel Nathalie


Immunoecology, genomics of host-parasite relationships and their consequences for the emergence of zoonoses


My research focuses on host-parasites interactions in the context of emerging zoonoses and pluriannual
demographic cycles. I aim to describe the spatio-temporal variability of these interactions and to decipher the neutral and adaptive mechanisms underlying their evolution. I am especially interested in studying the heterogeneity of hosts' immune responses, using phenotypic and genomic approaches.As an evolutionary ecologist, I combine different approaches to lead this research, including immunogenetics, zoonoses epidemiology and population genomics. I have worked a lot on rodents, helminths and hantaviruses, but I am now also interested in bats, microbiome (bacterial and fungal communities) and coinfections.

Research Group Membership - CBGP : Ecology and Evolution of Zoonoses

Recent publications (2015-2016)

Cosson J.F., Galan M., Bard E., Razzauti-Feliu M., Bernard M., Morand S., Bâ K., Dalecky A., Brouat C., Charbonnel N., Vayssier-Taussat M. 2015. Detection of Orientia sp. DNA in rodents from Asia, West Africa and Europe. Parasites & Vectors 8, 172.

Dalecky A., Bâ K., Piry S., Lippens C., Diagne C.A., Kane M., Sow A., Diallo M., Niang Y., Konecny A., Sarr N., Artige E., Charbonnel N., Granjon L., Duplantier J.M., Brouat C. 2015. Range expansion of the invasive house mouse Mus musculus domesticus in Senegal, West Africa: a synthesis of trapping data over three decades, 1983-2014. Mammal Review 45, 176–190.

Quéméré E., Galan M., Cosson J.F., Klein F., Aulagnier S., Gilot-Fromont E., Merlet J., Hewison M., Charbonnel N. 2015. Immunogenetic heterogeneity in a widespread synanthropic ungulate: the European roe deer (Capreolus capreolus). Molecular Ecology 24, 3873–3887.

Razzauti-Feliu M., Galan M., Bernard M., Maman S., Klopp C., Charbonnel N., Vayssier-Taussat M., Eloit M., Cosson J.F. 2015. Comparison of next-generation sequencing approaches surveying bacterial pathogens in wildlife. PLos Negl Trop Dis 9, e0003929.

Cornet S., Brouat C., Charbonnel N. In press. EcoImmunology and bioinvasion: revisiting the EICA hypotheses. Evolutionary applications.

Galan M., Razzauti M., Bard E., Brouat C., Charbonnel N., Dehne-Garcia A., Loiseau A., Tatard C., Vignes H., Vayssier-Taussat M., Cosson J.F. In press. 16S metagenomics for epidemiological survey of bacteria in wildlife: the importance of considering false positive and false negative samples. mSystem.

Amidi Diagne C., Gilot-Fromont E., Cornet S., Husse L., Doucouré S., Dalecky A., Bâ K., Kane M., Niang Y., Diallo M., Sow A., Piry S., Artige E., Brouat C., Charbonnel N. In Revision. Contemporary evolution of immunity in invasive house mice (Mus musculus domesticus) and black rats (Rattus rattus) in Senegal. Oikos.

Amidi Diagne C., Ribas Salvador A., Charbonnel N., Dalecky A., Tatard C., Gauthier P., Haukisalmi V., Fossati O., Bâ K., Kane M., Niang Y., Diallo M., Sow A., Piry S., Sembene M., Brouat C. In Press. Parasites and invasions: changes in gastrointestinal helminth assemblages in invasive and native rodents in Senegal. International Journal for parasitology.

Dubois A., Galan M., Guivier E., Henttonen H., Voutilainen L., Gauffre B., Marianneau P., Cosson J.F., Charbonnel N. In Revision. Microevolution of bank voles (Myodes glareolus) at neutral and immune-related genes during a multi-annual complete dynamic cycle : consequences for Puumala hantavirus epidemiology. Plos One.

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Referee for scientific documents

Editorial board member : Nature Scientific Report (since 2014)

Journal reviews for Evolution; Genetics; Infection, Genetics and Evolution; Journal of Animal Ecology; Molecular Ecology; Functional Ecology; Proceedings of the Royal Society...

Funding agency reviews for the Wellcome trust, ANR, Région Aquitaine, International Science and Technology Centre of Moscou (research projects), Joint German-African Projects in Infectiology…


Scientific animation

Leader of the Interaction-Adaptation-Speciation scientific group (2006-2013) then of the Ecology and Evolution of Zoonoses scientific group in the CBGP since 2015.

Organisation of the weekly seminars of Evolution in Montpellier (2004-2005).

Organisation of scientific animation for children and non-scientific adults (Darwin year, 2009).

Creation of an educative game ‘Ori’Maki’ that helps understanding evolutionary processes.

Participation to television programs (Euronews and TF1)


Participation to PhD thesis committees and Master jury

Jury member for ‘Habilitation to lead researches’ (2 in Montpellier, 1 in Paris)

PhD thesis (6 in Montpellier, Lyon, Perpignan, Dijon, Lausanne and Antwerp)

PhD dissertation (14 in Montpellier)

Master’s degree (4 in Montpellier).


Administrative roles including Evaluation

Member of the scientific committee of the INRA- BPE (since 2013)

Member of the scientific committee of the INRA- department EFPA (2012-2020)

Member of the scientific committee of the IRD- CSS3 (2012-2015)

Member of the Doctoral School SIBAGHE, co-supervision of HDR (2011-2014).