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Carine Brouat


Evolutionary ecology of interactions between invasive rodents and their parasites

Research group in CBGP: Biologie, écologie et évolution des espèces envahissantes / Ecologie et évolution des zoonoses

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Dalecky A, Bâ K, Piry S, Lippens C, Diagne CA, Kane M, Sow A, Diallo M, Niang Y, Konecny A, Sarr N, Artige E, Charbonnel N, Granjon L, Duplantier JM & Brouat C (2015) Range expansion of the invasive house mouse Mus musculus domesticus in Senegal, Western Africa: a three decades synthesis of trapping data, 1983-2014. Mammal Review 45, 176-190.

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