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Our seminars are organized on alternate Tuesdays. We recommand that you check for last-minute changes on GAS' webpage.

Seminars usually take place, unless the contrary is expressed, at 11:00 in CBGP's main meeting room.

Any proposal of meeting, presentation, seminar, welcome or other animation initiative are always welcome. We will help, as far as we can afford, to support their organization (room, announce, etc.).
To contact us: cbgp-gas(at)

GAS (Groupe d'animation scientifique) is a CBGP internal structure set up on December, 2013.

  • It is in charge of leading presentations/meetings around themes developped by CBGP.
  • It consists of an organizer for every thematic group, a coordinator and a communication unit.

On March 26, 2015, GAS' members are: