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ECPaysage Project

A R package offering various resources and tools for learning landscape ecology and spatial statistics

ECPaysage Project
This tool is being developped within the framework of the Researcher school "Landscape and plant health: analyzing, understanding and modelling the environmental processes involved" introduced by INRA metaprogram SMaCH.

The main stake in the Researcher school will be to share concepts, methods and tools to allow, beyond one's discipline, to take up questions relative to landscape, in connection with the context and the reasons expected for the sustainability of agricultural systems. More information

ECPaysage is available on R-Forge.

You can install the package from the R console with the command :

install.packages("ECPaysage", repos="")

Under Mac OS, please type:

install.packages("ECPaysage", repos="", type="source")

Watch out! ECPaysage is being developped. Its availability on R-Forge can be interrupted for a moment. We shall correct bugs according to their discovery.