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Publications CBGP 2018 (14/05/18)

Papers in rank A journals

Abul-Sood M.I., Gadallah N.S., Hossni M.T. & Delvare G. 2018. The subfamily Cratocentrinae (Hymenoptera: Chalcididae): reappraisal of their morphological characters and review of the West Palaearctic species, with the description of two new species. Zootaxa 4377(4): 490-516 (

Aït-Hamza M., Moukhli A., Ferji Z., Fossati-Gaschignard O., Tavoillot J., Ali N., Boubaker H., El Mousadik A. & Mateille T. 2018. Diversity of plant-parasitic nematode communities associated with olive nurseries in Morocco: origin and environmental impacts. Applied Soil Ecology 124: 7-16 (

Bagny Beilhe L., Piou C., Tadu Z. & Babin R. sous presse. Identifying ant-mirid spatial interactions to improve biological control in cacao-based agroforestry system. Environmental Entomology (

Ben Chaabana S., Chermiti B. & Kreiter S. 2018. Biology and life-table of Typhlodromus (Anthoseius) athenas (Acari: Phytoseiidae) fed with the Old World Date Mite, Oligonychus afrasiaticus (Acari: Tetranychidae). Acarologia 58(1): 52-61 (

Ben Mechlia M., Belaid A., Castel G., Jallet C., Mansfield K.L., Fooks A.R., Hani K. & Tordo N. sous presse. Dermaseptins as potential antirabies compounds. Vaccine (

Clemente F., Gautier M. & Vitalis R. 2018. Inferring sex-specific demographic history from SNP data. PLoS Genetics 14(1): e1007191 (

Collet J.M., Mc Guigan K., Allen S.L., Chenoweth S.F. & Blows M.W. 2018. Mutational pleiotropy and the strength of stabilizing selection within and between functional modules of gene expression. Genetics 208(4): 1601-1616 (

Condamine F.L., Nabholz B., Clamens A.-L., Dupuis J.R. & Sperling F.A.H. sous presse. Mitochondrial phylogenomics, the origin of swallowtail butterflies, and the impact of the number of clocks in Bayesian molecular dating. Systematic Entomology

Dahmani M., Diatta G., Labas N., Diop A., Bassene H., Raoult D., Granjon L., Fenollar F. & Mediannikov O. sous presse. Non-contiguous finished genome sequence and description of Bartonella mastomydis sp. nov. New Microbes and New Infections (

Débarre F., Rode N.O. & Ugelvig L.V. sous presse. Gender equity at scientific events. Evolution Letters (

Delvare G. & Copeland R.S. 2018. Four-horned wasps, description of some remarkable Dirhinus (Hymenoptera, Chalcididae) from Kenya, with a discussion of their taxonomic placement. Zootaxa 4374(3): 301-349 (

Dobigny G., Gauthier P., Houéménou G., Choplin A., Dossou H.J., Badou S., Etougbétché J., Bourhy P., Koffi S., Durski K.N., Bertherat E. & Picardeau M. 2018. Leptospirosis and extensive urbanization in West Africa: a neglected and underestimated threat? Urban Science 2(2): 29 (

Dubois A., Castel G., Murri S., Pulido C., Pons J.B., Benoit L., Loiseau A., Lakhdar L., Galan M., Marianneau P. & Charbonnel N. 2018. Bank vole immunoheterogeneity may limit nephropatia epidemica emergence in a French non-endemic region. Parasitology 145(3): 393-407 (

Fabre P.H., Fitriana Y.S., Semiadi G., Pagès M., Aplin K., Supriatna N. & Helgen K.M. 2018. New record of Melomys burtoni (Mammalia, Rodentia, Murinae) from Halmahera (North Moluccas, Indonesia): a review of Moluccan Melomys. Mammalia 82(3): 218-247 (

Fagua G.G., Condamine F.L., Brunet B.M.T., Clamens A.-L., Laroche J., Levesque R.C., Cusson M. & Sperling F.A.H. 2018. Convergent herbivory on conifers by Choristoneura moths after boreal forest formation. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 123: 35-43 (

Falahatpisheh A., Fallahzadeh M., Dousti A. & Delvare G. 2018. Review of Iranian Chalcididae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) with nomenclatural notes. Zootaxa 4394(2): 251-269 (

Galan M., Pons J.B., Tournayre O., Pierre E., Leuchtmann M., Pontier D. & Charbonnel N. sous presse. Metabarcoding for the parallel identification of several hundred predators and their prey: application to bat species diet analysis. Molecular Ecology Resources (

Gay P.-E., Lecoq M. & Piou C. 2018. Improving preventive locust management: insights from a multi-agent model. Pest Management Science 74(1): 46-58 (

Gibon F.-M. 2018. Ecnomus of Madagascar, species without modified spur (Trichoptera: Ecnomidae). Annales de la Société entomologique de France (NS) 54(1): 51-66 (

Gibon F.-M. 2018. The Chimarra of the georgensis and fallax species groups in Madagascar (Trichoptera, Philopotamidae). Oriental Insects 52(2): 113-127 (

Goeury T., Creary L., Brunet L., Galan M., Pasquier M., Kervaire B., Langaney A., Tiercy J.M., Fernandez-Viña M., Nunes J.M. & Sanchez-Mazas A. 2018. Deciphering the fine nucleotide diversity of full HLA class I and class II genes in a well-documented population from sub-Saharan Africa. HLA: Immune Response Genetics 91 (1): 36-51 (

Gschloessl B., Dorkeld F., Audiot P., Bretaudeau A., Kerdelhué C. & Streiff R. 2018. De novo genome and transcriptome resources of the Adzuki bean borer Ostrinia scapulalis (Lepidoptera: Crambidae). Data in Brief 17: 781-787 (

Gschloessl B., Dorkeld F., Berges H., Beydon G., Bouchez O., Branco M., Bretaudeau A., Burban C., Dubois E., Gauthier P., Lhuillier E., Nichols J., Nidelet S., Rocha S., Sauné L., Streiff R., Gautier M. & Kerdelhué C. sous presse. Draft genome and reference transcriptomic resources for the urticating pine defoliator Thaumetopoea pityocampa (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae). Molecular Ecology Resources (

Guivier E., Martin J.-F., Pech N., Ungaro A., Chappaz R. & Gilles A. 2018. Microbiota diversity within and between the tissues of two wild interbreeding species. Microbial Ecology 75(3): 799-810 (

Haran J., Rousselet J., Tellez D., Roques A. & Roux G. 2018. Phylogeography of Monochamus galloprovincialis, the European vector of the pinewood nematode. Journal of Pest Science 91 (1): 247-257 (

Janšta P., Cruaud A., Delvare G., Heraty J. & Rasplus J.-Y. sous presse. Torymidae (Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea) revised: molecular phylogeny, circumscription and reclassification of the family with discussion of its biogeography and evolution of life-history traits. Cladistics (

Javal M., Roques A., Haran J., Hérard F., Keena M. & Roux G. sous presse. Complex invasion history of the Asian long-horned beetle: fifteen years after first detection in Europe. Journal of Pest Science (

Kreiter S., Payet R.-M., Fillâtre J. & Abdou Azali H. sous presse. First records of Phytoseiidae (Acari: Mesostigmata) from one island of the Comoros Archipelago. Acarologia: online first

Kreiter S., Zriki G., Ryckewaert P., Pancarte C., Douin M. & Tixier M.-S. 2018. New phytoseiid mites of Martinique, with redescription of four species and new records (Acari: Mesostigmata). Acarologia 58(2): 366-407 (

Leblois R., Gautier M., Rohfritsch A., Foucaud J., Burban C., Galan M., Loiseau A., Sauné L., Branco M., Gharbi K., Vitalis R. & Kerdelhué C. 2018. Deciphering the demographic history of allochronic differentiation in the pine processionary moth Thaumetopoea pityocampa. Molecular Ecology 27(1): 264-278 (

Lesieur V., Martin J.-F., Hinz H.L., Fumanal B., Sobhian R. & Bon M.-C. 2018. Implications of a phylogeographic approach for the selection of Ceutorhynchus assimilis as a potential biological control agent for Lepidium draba. Biological Control 123: 43-52 (

Manfio D., Jorge I.R., Kergoat G.J. & Ribeiro-Costa C.S. sous presse. Morphology-based phylogeny of the genus Ctenocolum Kingsolver & Whitehead (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Bruchinae), with descriptions of three new species. Insect Systematics and Evolution (

Marić I., Marčić D., Petanović R. & Auger P. 2018. Biodiversity of spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae) in Serbia: a review, new records and key to all known species. Acarologia 58(1): 3-14 (

Medd N.C., Fellous S., Waldron F.M., Xuéreb A., Nakai M., Cross J.V. & Obbard D.J. 2018. The virome of Drosophila suzukii, an invasive pest of soft fruit. Virus Evolution 4(1): vey009 (

Meseguer A.S., Lobo J.M., Cornuault J., Beerling D., Ruhfel B.R., Davis C.C., Jousselin E. & Sanmartín I. 2018. Reconstructing deep-time palaeoclimate legacies in the clusioid Malpighiales unveils their role in the evolution and extinction of the boreotropical flora. Global Ecology and Biogeography 27(5): 616-628 (

Michel B. & Mansell M.W. 2018. A new genus and species of owlfly from eastern and southern Africa (Neuroptera: Ascalaphidae). European Journal of Taxonomy 413: 1-12 (

Monchatre-Leroy E., Murri S., Castel G., Calavas D., Boué F., Hénaux V. & Marianneau P. sous presse. First insights into Puumala orthohantavirus circulation in rodent population in Alsace, France. Zoonoses and Public Health

Orsucci M., Audiot P., Dorkeld F., Pommier A., Vabre M., Gschloessl B., Rialle S., Severac D., Bourguet D. & Streiff R. sous presse. Larval transcriptomic response to host plants in two related phytophagous lepidopteran species: implications for host specialization and species divergence. BMC Genomics

Petrucco-Toffolo E., Basso A., Kerdelhué C., Ipekdal K., Mendel Z., Simonato M. & Battisti A. 2018. Evidence of potential hybridization in the Thaumetopoea pityocampa-wilkinsoni complex. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 20(1): 9-17 (

Petsopoulos D., Leblois R., Sauné L., İpekdal K., Aravanopoulos F.A., Kerdelhué C. & Avtzis D.N. 2018. Crossing the Mid-Aegean Trench: vicariant evolution of the Eastern pine processionary moth, Thaumetopoea wilkinsoni (Lepidoptera: Notodontidae), in Crete. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society (

Quemere E., Gaillard J.M., Galan M., Vanpe C., David I., Pellerin M., Kjellander P., Hewison A.J.M. & Pemberton J.M. 2018. Between-population differences in the genetic and maternal components of body mass in roe deer. BMC Evolutionary Biology 18: 39 (

Rode N.O., Holtz Y., Loridon K., Santoni S., Ronfort J. & Gay L. 2018. How to optimize the precision of allele and haplotype frequency estimates using pooled-sequencing data. Molecular Ecology Resources 18(2): 194-203 (

Rossi J.P., Kadaouré I., Godefroid M. & Dobigny G. sous presse. Landscape epidemiology in urban environments: The example of rodent-borne Trypanosoma in Niamey, Niger. Infection, Genetics and Evolution (

Santamaria M.E., Auger P., Martinez M., Migeon A., Castanera P., Diaz I., Navajas M. & Ortego F. 2018. Host plant use by two distinct lineages of the tomato red spider mite, Tetranychus evansi, differing in their distribution range. Journal of Pest Science 91(1): 169-179 (

Sow A., Brévault T., Delvare G., Haran J., Benoit L., Cœur d'Acier A., Galan M., Thiaw C., Soti V. & Sembène M. 2018. DNA sequencing to help identify crop pests and their natural enemies in agro-ecosystems: The case of the millet head miner Heliocheilus albipunctella (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in sub-Saharan Africa. Biological Control 121: 199-207 (

Vicente Dos Santos V.L. & Tixier M.S. 2018. Integrative taxonomy approach for analysing evolutionary history of the tribe Euseiini Chant & McMurtry (Acari: Phytoseiidae). Systematics and Biodiversity 16 (3): 302-319 (

Williams P.H., Lobo J.M. & Meseguer A.S. 2018. Bumblebees take the high road: climatically integrative biogeography shows that escape from Tibet, not Tibetan uplift, is associated with divergences of present-day Mendacibombus. Ecography 41(3): 461-477 (

Zaldívar-Riverón A., Belokobylskij S.A., Meza-Lázaro R., Pedraza-Lara C., García-París M. & Meseguer A.S. 2018. Species delimitation, global phylogeny and historical biogeography of the parasitoid wasp genus Spathius (Braconidae: Doryctinae) reveal multiple Oligocene–Miocene intercontinental dispersal events. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 182(4): 723–734 (

Zeng L., Ming C., Li Y., Su L.Y., Su Y.H., Otecko N.O., Dalecky A., Donnellan S., Aplin K., Liu X.H., Song Y., Zhang Z.B., Esmailizadeh A., Sohrabi S.S., Nanaei H.A., Liu H.Q., Wang M.S., Atteynine S.A., Rocamora G., Brescia F., Morand S., Irwin D.M., Peng M.S., Yao Y.G., Li H.P., Wu D.D. & Zhang Y.P. 2018. Out of Southern East Asia of the brown rat revealed by large-scale genome sequencing. Molecular Biology and Evolution 35(1): 149-158 (


Other papers

Bailly-Maitre A., Galland V., Valadas A., Le Ralec A., Kreiter S., Gout L., Moquet M., & Thibord J. B. 2018. Dégâts de géomyze sur maïs analyse des facteurs de risque. Phytoma – La Santé des Végétaux 711: 10-12.

Chauvel B., Fried G., Monty A., Rossi J.-P., Tassus X., & T. L. B. 2018. Ambroisie trifide, ambroisie à épis lisses : deux poids, deux mesures. Phytoma – La Santé des Végétaux 712: 47-51.

Layelmam M., Bouziani M., Smiej M.F., Semlali E.H., Ghaout S. & Piou C. 2018. Production des cartes de probabilité de présence des Criquets pèlerins sur le territoire marocain à partir des données de télédétection. Revue Française de Photogrammétrie et de Télédétection 219: 49-59

Ratnadass A., Soler A., Chabanne A., Tullus R.-G., Techer P., Le Bellec F., Marnotte P., Streito J.-C., & Matocq A. 2018. First record of Moissonia importunitas as a pest of rattle box (Crotalaria spp.) in Réunion Island (Hemiptera, Miridae). Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France 123(1): 59-64.

Sentenac G., Rusch A., Kreiter S., Bouvier J.-C., Thiery J., Delbac L., Thiery D., Lavigne C., Madejski M., Guilbault P., Guisset M., & Tixier M.-S. 2018. Biodiversité fonctionnelle : effet de l’environnement paysager d’une parcelle de vigne sur la régulation de ses ravageurs (BIOCONTROL). Innovations Agronomiques 63: 139-161.

Streito J.-C., Fontaine O., Morguen A., Genson G., Pierre E., Sadeyen J., Frago E., & Nibouche S. 2018. Présence sur l’île de La Réunion de deux espèces de Punaises prédatrices potentiellement utilisables pour la lutte biologique : Orius naivashae et Cyrtopeltis callosus (Hemiptera, Anthocoridae et Miridae). Bulletin de la Société entomologique de France 123(1): 29-42.


Books and Book Chapters

Estoup A., Verdu P., Marin J. M., Pudlo P., Dehne Garcia A., & Robert C. P. 2018. Application of approximate Bayesian computation to infer the genetic history of Pygmy hunter-gatherers populations from Western Central Africa. In:Sisson S., Fan Y. & Beaumont M. (Eds.), Approximate Bayesian Computation: CRC press Taylor & Francis group (sous presse).

Marin J. M., Pudlo P., Estoup A., & Robert C. P. 2018. Likelihood-free model choice. In:Sisson S., Fan Y. & Beaumont M. (Eds.), Approximate Bayesian Computation: CRC press Taylor & Francis group (sous presse).


Oral communications

Auger-Rozenberg M.-A., Roques A., Boivin T., & Kerdelhué C. 2018. Can we trust in historical data to disentangle the evolutionary history of introduction? Input of a genetic approach to compare the invasion histories of two seed chalcids (Megastigmus sp.) in France. European Congress of Entomology. 2-6 Juillet 2018. Naples, Italie.

Kerdelhué C., Battisti A., Branco M., Simonato M., Rousselet J., & Roques A. 2018. Using population genetics and genomic approaches to decipher the recent history of forest pest insects and improve management strategies. European Congress of Entomology. 2-6 Juillet 2018. Naples, Italie.



Jullien M., Navascués M., Ronfort J., & Gay L. 2018. Diversity and genetic structure in selfing populations in the absence of selection. Sex uncovered: the evolutionary biology of reproductive systems. 23-27 April 2018. Roscoff, France.

Madrieres S., Murri S., Vulin J., Charbonnel N., Castel G., & Marianneau P. 2018. Génotypes de l'orthohantavirus Puumala détectés chez l'homme en France, 2012-2016. XXes Journées Francophones de Virologie. 22-23 mars 2018. Paris, France.

Navascués M., Becheler A., Gay L., Ronfort J., & Vitalis R. 2018. Temporal FST genome scans: the case of partially selfing populations. Sex uncovered: the evolutionary biology of reproductive systems. 23-27 April 2018. Roscoff, France.

Reynes J.-M., Carli D., Thomas D., & Castel G. 2018. Génotypes de l'orthohantavirus Puumala détectés chez l'homme en France, 2012-2016. XXes Journées Francophones de Virologie. 22-23 mars 2018. Paris, France.

Tatard C., Galan M., Cazaux B., Dubois A., Madrières S., Murri S., Vulin J., Rivals E., Marianneau P., Charbonnel N., & Castel G. 2018. Etude de l’évolution de la diversité génétique intrahôte du virus Puumala lors d’infections expérimentales. XXes Journées Francophones de Virologie. 22-23 mars 2018. Paris, France.



Dkhili J. 2018. Analyses des effets de la structure spatiale de la végétation sur les mouvements de groupes de criquets ravageurs des cultures. (PhD Thesis), Université Ibn Zohr, Agadir, Maroc. 228 pp.



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