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2019 publications (last update March 6th 2019)


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Other papers (non peer-reviewed)

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Oral communications

Meynard C. N., Leroy B., & Kaplan D. M. 2019. Testing methods in species distribution modelling using virtual species. The 9th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society. 8-12 Janvier 2019.  Malaga, Spain.

Pavinato V., de Mita S., Marin J. M., & Navascués M. 2019. Joint inference of demography and selection from genomic temporal data using Approximate Bayesian Computation. ALPHY 2019: Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics. 7-8 Février 2019.  Paris, France.

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Invited communications


Books and book chapters