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Origin and characterization of biodiversity


(Creative common CC0 1.0)

OrganizersGaël Kergoat & François-Marie Gibon

The group's researches concern the description, the characterization and the measure of the biodiversity as well as the study of its spatial and historic evolution.

These activities have main models as taxa of agricultural interest, public health and biology of the preservation (e.g. insects, mites, rodents, nematodes). In detail, the following questions are approached:

  • Identify the target species of our studies, by using concepts and methods based on morphological, cytological or molecular data (e.g. barcoding approaches, geometrical morphometry). Development of taxonomy and systematics studies (descriptions, revisions) by integrative approaches.
  • Deduce positions and phylogenetic relations within the supra-specific groups. Determine the historic and geographical diversification patterns of the associated infra- and supra-specific lineages (phylogeography, historic biogeography, diversification analyses).
  • Study effects of hosts-parasites co-evolution.
  • Establish georeferenced databases allowing to associate the species presence with the ecological, and particularly climatic, factors. Analyze the communities spatial structure.
  • Deduce trophic networks and other taxa associations by environmental barcoding approaches.