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Thematic groups

Identification of species, historic and geographical diversification patterns, hosts-parasites co-evolution, barcoding, databases
Organizers: Gaël Kergoat & François-Marie Gibon

Evolution of pest mites and associated organisms (parasitoids, predators, symbiontes) under the influence of the pressure of current/past biotic/abiotic selections
Organizers: Carole Kerdelhué & Emmanuelle Jousselin

Epidemiology of infestious diseases vectored by wildlife animals and evolutionary mechanisms which lead to their emergence in man
Organizers: Nathalie Charbonnel & Guillaume Castel

Study of the paths of invasion, key factors of the success of invasion, selective processes in intrusive or expanding populations and genomic bases of observed adaptations
Organizers: Arnaud Estoup & Carine Brouat

Statistical development of analysis methods to deduce the populations demographic and adaptive history from measures of the genetic polymorphism
Organizers: Miguel Navascués & Renaud Vitalis

Methodological developments dedicated to acquisition of latest generation genetic data and their biocomputing processing
Organizers: Astrid Cruaud & Maxime Galan