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Molecular biology platform

Committee: Nathalie Charbonnel & Gwenaelle Genson

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Scientific context and aims

Our platform aims to mutualize technologies and skills in molecular biology to serve CBGP's research programs on species or communities of interest for agriculture, public health and biodiversity. The operated methods allow to generate the genetic data necessary for characterizing biodiversity and studying phylogeny and population genetics, but also genome structure, adaptation of organisms and gene function. We have 11 permanent agents and welcome numerous students.

Activities and main available equipment

The platform has 200 m2 laboratories dedicated to various activities according to the principle of move forward. Main activities are:

  • High-speed nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) purification,
    • Main equipment: Sigma 4K15 centrifuge, Eppendorf epMotion 5075 robot,
  • PCR for genotyping (microsatellites, RFLP, AFLP) and sequencing (regular and high-speed),
    • Main equipment: Eppendorf 96-Well thermal cyclers (Mastercycler, epGradient et Nexus) and 384 TProfessional (Biometra)
  • Real-time PCR: quantification of genic expression, detection of pathogens, quantification of targets,
    • Main equipment: LightCycler 480 (Roche), exchangeable 96- or 384-well plate format
  • Preparation of high-speed sequency libraries: AmpliconSeq (metabarcoding, 16S metagenomics, CMH genotyping …), RADseq, RNAseq, Shotgun,
  • Quality control of nucleic acids, PCR products and genomic librairies,
    • Main equipment: electrophoresis tanks (Mupid), Bioanalyzer 2100 (Agilent), NanoDrop ND8000 (Thermo) spectrophotometer, Qubit fluorometer (Invitrogen)
  • Cytogenetics: caryotyping, PRINS, repeated sounds FISH, BAC-FISH, Zoo-FISH
    • Main equipment: fluorescent microscope (Zeiss) associated with image analysis system (Genus, Cytovision)



LightCycler 480

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Eppendorf thermal cyclers


Bioanalyser 2100

Plateau BM 5

Mix PCR preparation

plateau BM 4

Automate epMotion 5075

© M. Galan

By the attachment of CBGP to LabEx CeMEB (Mediterranean Center for Environment and Biodiversity) and LabEx Agro, users of our platform also have access to mutualized equipment on partners' platforms (Applied Biosystems capillary sequencers, Illuminated MiSeq sequencer, Thermofisher KingFisher extraction machine, Covaris S220 ultrasonic cleaner):