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Computing platform

Committee: Bernhard Gschloessl, Alexandre Dehne-Garcia & Nathalie Vieira

Computing platform

This platform was created in September, 2013. It aims to harmonizing the management of the CBGP computing facilities by mutualization of technical means, human skills and investment optimization. The computing platform groups and proposes the computing ressources necessary for research and support activities. In total, eight people are involved, who participate in the platform activities according to their skills and to a percentage of their working time.

The activities of the platform can be grouped into four distinctive but connected domains.

Computer park management (person in charge: Nathalie Vieira)

The mission of the service is oriented to the performance constant improvement of our computing system and minimizing its usage constraints. It comprises four activity fields:

  • Managing, maintaining and developing the computer ressources in a concern of efficiency and sustainable development,
  • Centralizing the collective computing purchases and advising users,
  • Ensuring the confidentiality, the integrity and the accessibility of the data and the service,
  • Assisting and training users in the use of a specific software.

Scientific computing platform (person in charge: Alexandre Dehne-Garcia)

The platform is endowed with high-performing calculation and storage equipment which is accessible to everyone collaborating with a project leader. Its ambition is to bring users comfort and flexibility. The activities allowing its implementation are:

  • Providing calculation servers and storage volume,
  • Installing on demand the software useful for research, according to their compatibility with the system,
  • Training users in the use of the calculation platform,
  • Supporting users to launch their processes.

Bioinformatics support (person in charge: Bernhard Gschloessl)

This service is available to each member of the unit working on projects which envolve bioinformatics analyses or development. It aims to help users to carry out their projects and to plan the application and material evolutions, closely linked to the scientific computing platform. It provides support through a whole range of activities:

  • Advising users in the elaboration of specifications (project definition and required skills) and supporting the experimental design),
  • Centralizing and spreading of news related to bioinformatics (new algorythms, programs/protocols, meetings and workshops) in relation with the GREMLINS group,
  • Organizing and providing of training classes in bioinformatics analyses which are hold at CBGP,
  • Assisting in the development or the interfacing of analyzes pipelines on the scientific computing platform (mainly with Galaxy).

Web communication (persons in charge: Christine Silvy & Pierre-Emmanuel Gay)


The website aims to contribute to the readability of researches and teachning actions made in the unit and presents the CBGP functional architecture (thematic groups, technical platforms, scientific animation group). Each permanent member also has at his disposal a personal page in which he can detail his activities.

Christine Silvy coordinates the internet activities. She manages the intranet and extranet sites with Pierre-Emmanuel Gay.


Several collaborative spaces (mainly technical platforms) are available to CBGP members. They can find number of information, procedures and technical documents to support them in the exercise of their jobs.

Pierre-Emmanuel Gay is the technical officer in charge of these sites. Writers were appointed to manage the contents.