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Collections platform

Committee : Laurent Granjon, Armelle Coeur d'Acier & Emmanuelle Artige

Membership: 20 project leaders + 13 ITA

Scientific context and aims

The CBGP is a research center recognized for its expertise in systematic, genetic and ecology of groups of interest (in agronomy, in human health or for biodiversity). This expertise leans on collections of specimens, tissues and DNA mainly belonging to mites, insects, nematodes and rodents (more than 1 million samples).

This platform aims:

  • to mutualize technical and human means,
  • to share the knowledge on management and valuation of collections,
  • to supply a methodological support for researchers wishing to develop specimens, tissues or DNA banks,
  • to homogenize the practices of collection management,
  • to inventory samples.

Main activities

  • Implementation of procedures and common protocols regarding preservation, life cycle and computerization of the collections,
  • Development and management of common databases integrating sampling, preservation, taxonomy and molecular data,
  • Coordination of collaborative works on historic collections,
  • Organizing and monitoring the loans and collection transfers,
  • Legal collection monitoring,
  • Iconography,
  • Valuation of collections,
  • Group purchases of preservation equipment.

Infrastructure, equipment, material and services

The platform includes:

  • a 300m3 collection room, windowless and air-conditioned, specially designed for the dry preservation of specimens,
  • several rooms equipped with cooling material dedicated to the preservation of alcohol samples and DNA,
  • several workstations for the preparation of specimens and samples using chemical products (extractors, vaccum walls, etc.),
  • an imaging laboratory including acquisition and image processing systems (VHX5000 by Keyence and Entovision-multiplane photography systems, digital macro device),
  • a printing and managing station for laboratory labels of different types of samples.

Operational budget

The platform has its own budget taking part in the CBGP common budget (4500 €/year) and contributions of members. The budget is completed by equipment requests with our supervisors and specific support associated to research programs (ANR, FP7).


Collections 1

© Inra J.C. Streito

Collection quarantaine

© Inra J.C. Streito

Collection lames cochenilles

© Inra J.C. Streito

Megalodontes bucephalus, holotype

© Inra E. Artige

Prélèvement Chine J.C. Streito

© Inra J.C. Streito