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Florian Clemente

Email: florian.clemente(at)
Position: postdoc       
Topic: Software development to analyse genome-wide sequence data among different populations
CBGP supervisor: R. Vitalis
Funding: CBI
Dates: July 7th, 2015 – December 31, 2017

The fast development of high-speed sequencing technologies provides now, at decreasing costs, easy access to huge amounts of information on population genetic diversity for both model and non-model species.

In this context, a fine characterization of genomic regions, e.g., those involved in adaptation of agronomical/ecological important traits, becomes possible.

Identification of signatures of selection (natural or artificial) requires to draw a distinction among all forces contributing to the evolution of allele frequencies, i.e., those with a global effect on the markers (migration and drift) and those with a local effect (selection and mutation).

This project mainly aims to develop and extend methods that are capable to infer the signatures and strength of selection from whole genome sequence data of pooled individuals.